Group Counselling Proposal

‘Counselling Group Proposal’ however this topic was not available from your drop down menu above.

The group proposal has to include a rationale, system issues, overall plan, session plan approach and an evaluation plan. I will upload the exact requirements later.

Please note that the rationale needs to include personal clinical experience regards to self-awareness and personal concerns about the particular topic. Please feel free to discuss this in regards to me being a masters student.

I am happy for the writer to choose any particular topic they feel most relevant, some examples might be sexual addiction, depression, suicide etc. Also, this proposal has to be based around a support group rather than a psychodynamic group.

IMPORTANT: PLEASE NOTE that regards to number 2-system issues. In this part a promotion/marketing plan for attracting group members has to be discussed. As I am based in Perth Australia the marketing has to be implemented in this area. My view of implementing this in this group proposal was to suggest that contacting my local council the ‘City of Wanneroo’ and having them advertise to local GP’s, libraries and other support networks of the type of group counselling session that I would be running.