foundation design for offshore wind turbines in UK

foundation design with detailed calculations and analysis using Ansys for the design proposal that the calculation has been made. Foundation type has to chosen by the writer that will benefit him to get the perfect design based on British standards. Preferable the foundation design to be for water depth(30-50m or 50-100m).

Before the design is made the writer have to make a research on the different type of foundations and than decide which type of foundation he could make improvements based on dimensions , or materials so as the design that he will do can benefit in aspects of cost, efficiency, environmental impact, maintenance, life age of the structure etc. , which is very important part of my project as this is my originality of the project.

Also the writer needs to compare and contrast the design he will improve with the already existing one.

It is very important to bare in mind that the project is based on the UK, hence I have to provide which construction side it’s suitable for my design in the UK that is taking place, so the place of the project has to be determined.

I need a sketch of the proposal foundation design with densions and loads on the sketch, explaining and making clear to the reader my foundation type and its dimensions and the material which will be construct of and why that material.

I want this project to be written and done in a very good analysed way , providing all references and files for the Ansys.

In the end I need discussions and conclusions of the foundation design, enriched with examples and discussions, and raising questions for example what could be future improvements that my final foundation design can take in the future.

Also all geotechnical considerations and wave theory and all loads applied on this foundation have to be analysed and discussed.

I wish my writer to have structural and geotechnical engineering skills.

In this report all the references has to be provided. Grpahs + images+ tables and sketches must be included in this report