Food and Foodways as Cultural Identities

[Pick one of your short assignments (in consultation with me, if you like) and expand it into a longer piece: this will involve additional research (a bibliography, library research, and more detailed ethnographic work), require an attempt at analysis, and should be between 1200-1500 words. Proper essay style is expected (I can provide information on this for those who are unsure what I mean. Submit through Moodle.] <=== this is what the professor ask us to write, I did pick one of the short assignment about food and food ways as Cultural Identities and I will attache it for you plus the professor comment about it, feel free to increase the resources if you need to and feel free to ask any question regarding the assignment :), [Building, Constructing, and Eating Community. Based on your experiences (local or abroad), provide an example of how food, eating, foodways, and menu repertoire are used to express cultural identity. How are various qualities of particular foods, or the manner in which they are served and consumed, claimed to be emblematic of particular elements within a culture? How is contrast with other groups emphasised? Through a variety of axes (familiar/exotic; edible/inedible; palatable/unpalatable) how are boundaries between groups maintained and how are they (purposefully) transgressed? What conclusions can you draw about the food and identity from this analysis? Submit your short assignment here: cick "edit my submission" and either type or cut-and-paste into the text box.] ===> and this is what the first assignment was about which I will attach for you my work on it, I write it for you in case you need to know whats the work was about :