Floyd flood North Carolina

The class is Emergency management and disaster. The paper on psychological/Social impacts of a disaster. The topic is to pick a historic disaster that happens in the U.S.I choose the Floyd flood North Carolina. Then briefly describe. A- the cause of the psychological for example (Anxiety disorders and What type) or sociological impact of the disaster. B- the actual psychological diagnoses of the disaster Anxiety disorders, please look at the sample paper: or c) both the cause and diagnoses. This is a short paper (minimum2-5). For example, if the a (x) disaster caused stress and/or depression, then describe either the cause of that stress and/or depression or describe the actual diagnosis itself. By now you should know that simply stating that stress or depression are an outcome of the disaster is insufficient. Be specific in describing how those determinations were made. Do you fell the studies Used for those determinations were statistically sound? Why or Why not (be specific)? In your research did you find any other studies that either support or contradict each other? Is there one study that is more convincing that the other?. There is a sample paper, please read it. I want you to find a good reference. And I want you to upload it to me with a highlight. All the information that you take.