Federal Budget Demonstration

As a budget analyst you will decide what spending to increase or decrease and what revenues to increase or decrease in order to reduce the national debt over the next 10 years. Your paper will consist of a 1,000 word (minimum) discussion on the areas that you will increase and/or decrease and the ramifications for each decision. In addition, you will highlight the areas in the challenge that will be used as a basis for your argument as well as 5 outside sources that are cited in your paper. The paper will be typed, 12 font, double-spaced with page numbers. You will also need to have a properly formatted Title page and Reference page with a minimum of 5 in-text citations (APA format). The minimum length of the project is 1,000 words of discussion with a maximum of 100 words in direct quote. The Demonstration will need to be done in order to add substance to the paper. The linke for the challenge is: http://www.federalbudgetchallenge.org/groups/belleman ”