Fast food Are we taking it too far by blaming fast food restaurants for obesity?

Research Paper

Write 7 pages paper defending a thesis that is the answer to your research question, using outside sources and documenting them according to APA rules.

The topic is Fast food Are we taking it too far by blaming fast food restaurants for obesity
. It must be argumentative in nature. The grade for the paper will be based on your success with the following nine criteria.
You will submit a proposal to me before the research paper, telling me about your paper, and listing 10 potential sources, in APA or MLA style.
Both the rough draft and the final draft will be graded using these criteria. You must attach the rough draft with my comments to the final draft, or I will assign the same grade to the final draft that the rough draft received.

Thesis (T)
• Arguable
• Descriptive
• Unified
• Specific to scope of paper
• Answers the research question
Evidence (E)
• Sufficient
• Relevant
• Representative
Quantity and Type of Sources (Q)
• Minimum of 8 sources
• Minimum of 3 print (paper) sources
• Reference works do not count (they may be used)
• Sources are adequate and appropriate to topic
Use of Sources (U)
• Summaries as needed
• Paraphrases as needed
• Quotations as needed

Reasoning (R)
• Terms are defined
• How conclusions follow from evidence is explained
• Assumptions are valid; conclusions follow from evidence
Organization (O)
• Material is grouped appropriately
• Organized point by point, not source by source
• Focus is maintained throughout
• Transitions are effective, including introduction and conclusion
• Relationships among ideas are clear
Language (L)
• Most of the paper is in your own words
• Occasional completely accurate quotations, with correct punctuation and grammar
• The mechanics (punctuation, spelling and grammar) of the rest of the paper are correct
• The style is objective, formal, concise, precise and varied
APA documentation (P)
• correct in-text citations
• complete and correct references, listing only those sources you have used in your paper at the end of the essay (APA style).