Executive Summary

This is the book: Kerin, Hartley, and Rudelius, Marketing, The Core, 5th edition, Irwin/McGraw Hill
Term Project: Marketing Plan (Marketing Yourself)

Please read Appendix B of your textbook. There is valuable information in this appendix for everyone, irrespective of your career choice. Subsequent to this you should consult the handout provided in class (The do-it-myself marketing plan). The handout is meant to be your guide as you go about organizing your term paper. Appendix A of Chapter 2 provides further information and guidance.

The paper should have the following sections:

1. Cover Page (Your name, instructor’s name, date, subject, topic, etc.)

2. Executive Summary (A one to two paragraph summary of the marketing plan) and discussion of the layout of the paper

3. Section on Situation Analysis (SWOT analysis – refer to handout) – in this section you will expand on the SWOT table.

4. Section on Focus and Goal Setting (measurable objectives, target market, points of difference, etc.)

5. Section on Marketing Program (the 4 p’s as suggested in the handout)

6. Section on Implementation

7. Section on Evaluation and Contingency Plans (Control Phase)

8. Table summarizing SWOT analysis

9. References


a. The marketing plan should be typed up and include page numbers, and include suitable headings and sub-headings to highlight topics that are to be discussed.

b. A suggested strategy would be to start each section on a new page, irrespective of the length of the previous section.