examine a social phenomenon, sub-culture, or societal issue from the perspective of the sociology of deviance

In this class you are asked to write a research paper in which you will examine a social phenomenon, sub-culture, or societal issue from the perspective of the sociology of deviance. The paper is worth 25% of your course grade.

As you become more familiar with the concept of deviance in the first week of class, start considering possible research topics and their relationship to the course theories and concepts. You may select any type of deviant behavior, ideology, or status you are interested in and should select one of the deviance theories presented in the Goode text.

In choosing a topic, consider the issues of deviance related to the topic, not just the topic itself. For instance, if you chose to do your paper on obesity, you would want to discuss why it is considered deviant, how it is labeled as deviant, or the effects of this deviant status, etc. versus simply explaining the medical causes and conditions/health concerns with obesity.

To be successful in this paper, you will want to develop a specific research question to guide your research. You should also identify the perspective (positivist or constructionist) which you are taking in your paper and you will need to apply at least one related theory to your analysis.

Your paper should be a minimum of 5 pages (which does not include the work-cited page), typed, and double spaced and should consist of a description of the attitude, behavior, or condition you are researching and why it is presently considered deviant in U.S. society. You may use either the MLA or APA format for citations and references, however APA is preferred.

The grading rubric used to grade this paper is included in Excel format in the link above.

Paper Requirements:
1.Develop a clear research question examining an element of deviance in the U.S. society.
2.Identify if you are taking a positivist or constructionist approach, and how this approach applies to your topic.

3.Identify and apply a theory from the Goode text to your topic (generally, from Chapters 2 or 3).
4.Present an analysis of your topic, based on your scholarly sources, as it relates to the sociology of deviance.
5.Proper use of quotes and citations.
6.Include a “Works Cited” page.
7.Use of required resources: ◦A minimum of four academic sources. You may use journal articles (peer review academic journals from the social sciences – including, criminology and deviance journals, general sociology journals, sociology of education journals, juvenile delinquency journals, and general social science journals) or scholarly books (anthologies and single or double author books are fine. You need to be cautious not to choose a novel or work of fiction. Only research based books with bibliographies/work cited sections apply).
◦If you choose to use website material related to your topic, they must be used in addition to the above listed requirements.