Evidence Based Practice (EBP) and nursing research

Find out how Evidence Based Practice (EBP) and nursing research are supported and implemented throughout hospitals/clinics/organizations. Write a paper 1,000 words in APA format, describing what you find. <br />
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Rubric for Guidelines to follow: <br />
1. The role of nurses in research and EBP. <br />
2. The models used in hospitals/clinics/organizations.<br />
3. What steps are used for research and/or EBP in hospitals/clinics/organizations?<br />
4. Author(s): Who are they? <br />
5. Funding Source: May help to identify bias.<br />
6. Motivation for Doing the Study: Is it the first of its kind, or is it replicating an earlier study? <br />
7. Study Subjects: Who participated?<br />
8. How were they selected? <br />
9. Who was excluded?<br />
10. What was the size of the sample? <br />
11. How was information collected? <br />
12. What were the major results of the study? <br />
Discussion: Did the authors discuss any problems with the study? Did you find other problems that they did not talk about? <br />
Conclusions: What were the authors’ main conclusions? Were they justified by the findings? <br />
Generalizability: To what larger population can the results of this study be generalized? For example, if the study only included men, the results cannot be generalized to women.