Event Management DQ 2

each question should be amswered in at least 75-100 words

  1. What type of events have you experience law enforcement and protection officers working together?  Did it seem like a good relationship?
  2. Do you think there is something that can be done by the community and/or law enforcement to reduce the crimes in your area?  Or any area for that matter…
  3. The three basic procedures that you can use to regulate admission and safely control movement of crowds. The following that would have to be addressed would have to be addressing the need for security and their roles and responsibilities when it comes to the directions and instructions given in regards to maintaining order and control movement. The second thing that would have to be given would to have barriers as an aid to manage and influence the behavior of the audience; to line routes; and to prevent the audience climbing on top of temporary structures and putting themselves at risk of falling and to relieve and prevent overcrowding and the buildup of audience pressure. It is also important to remember barriers can also provide physical security, as in the case of a high-perimeter fence at an outdoor event and to shield hazards from people. The third basic procedures would be to post signs around the event such as exits and entrances signs. All of those factors should be considered when controlling crowds. The problem is that most people are not educated in proper techniques to control crowds. The other thing to consider is what resources does the venue have? How much money can they dedicate to the event? Communication between the agencies is huge when working together controlling large event crowds. The best approach is to have several meeting to assign the different duties of each agency and find ways to communicate with each of those agencies.