Evaluation and Control Metrics

Evaluation and Control Metrics
The firm must have a means of assessing the marketing plan’s recommendations; the marketing plan therefore must indicate the methods for undertaking this assessment, whether quantitatively or qualitatively. – Evaluation goes back to the objectives and goals.
How will you know your marketing program was a success or a failure? Did you reach your goals/objectives? Did you reach your target audience?
Include measurement and feedback methods in your plan: determine post-launch data and compare to pre-launch information such as surveys and focus groups results.
Identify what methods, tools and techniques you will use:
Focus groups
One-on-one interviews
Web site survey
Online resources
Copy testing
How will you measure your program’s promotional/communication initiatives such as:
Hits on your Web site
Products sold
Media placements/impressions
Requests for information
Email address collected
Number of attendees at event
Newsletter readership