Ethics Position Paper

The details on how to write the paper is provided to you on an attached file containing 2 images. The paper should express the belief of the writer about the topic by strongly supporting one side of the argument. The argument should focus on the Energy industry and should talk about the transformation from the use of fossil fuels to the new and more clean types of energy. The writing should not be biased and should face the reality in which this transformation is clearly impossible to be made at this time. This paper should have a strong and catchy hook in the beginning of each paragraph specially the intro. The intro should be supper effective. Remember Thesis: Claim + Rationals. Therefore EACH paragraphs should have a claim and evidence to support it. Counter Arguments are necessary for this paper. In each paragraph there should be ethical issues at stake. More than 3 body paragraphs are needed. The paper should be organised and have a nice and smooth flow with evidence that support the thesis. USE OF ACTIVE VOICE IS REQUIRED, specially for the thesis and the claims in each paragraph.

There is a movie Called Spoiled by Mark Mathis. This movie should be watched and If you could base the intro on that it would be great.

In a glimpse, this is my idea: Some people are against this transformation, and some are against not transforming. However, it is ethical for us engineers to continue improving technologies to make them more efficient and reduce the harmful effects of using the fossil fuels and at the same time not advocating something that is unreal by popularizing that.

The movie spoiled should help you on this very much.

this paper should not be info-dumped and it is better if there are no quotations on the intro.

A sample paper is also uploaded for you. This paper received a B-.
Please make sure to read that before starting to write.

Useful Subjects for Further research:
– green house effect
– toxicating the underground water by Fracking ( which has not been proven, since the depths are different)
– The peak of the oil usage.
– other sources of energy (how much they dedicate into providing energy)
– the transformation is to many different sources combined not just one.
– a brief history of transformations in the past.