Environmental studies and Forestry

Each student will submit a 3-5 page term paper on the assigned topic. If there is a topic that a student is interested in, please contact me to review appropriateness. The term paper is due by the end of week 8 of the term. Upload into Bb (preferred) or email to the instructor.
◦Headers and other organizational elements are required. A template is provided with the term paper instructions on Bb.
◦Use 1-inch margins and 1.5 line spacing with 12 point Times New Roman or similar formatting.
◦The paper must be at least 3 full pages long and no more than 5 pages. The title page and reference section do not count toward the page count.
◦The paper should be free of spelling and grammar errors.
◦The term paper should have in-text citations and corresponding reference section. References should follow APA (American Psychological Association) style. ◾A minimum of five (5) different citations are required.
◾They should be primarily be scientific and/or government journals, websites, or books. Up to one (1) may be a online reference source such as Wikipedia.

Use the term paper to explore using the scientific method. The paper should have the following sections:
1.Discuss what you assumed you knew about the subject prior to starting the research (your hypothesis),
2.answer what you learned about your subject, and
3.discuss what was different from your initial understanding and how the research has changed your opinion, if that is the case.

Topics are to be selected from the following unless otherwise arranged:
•The biological process of how red tide occurs
•Harmful effects of clear cutting in regards to erosion
•Microlending in the 3rd world
•Induced growth and the growth management act