Environment and Sustainable Development

In this class we have discussed a potpourri of environmental problems and challenges focusing, in the last few days, on climate change. Based on the material that we have covered so far, please answer the following questions:

1. What do you understand by sustainable development? What is your vision of a sustainable world or even nation? Feel free to use a specific example, such as your country if you want to.

2. Do you think that the concept of sustainable development can be incorporated successfully into a nation’s general policy to address environmental problems, generally or specifically? Give reasons.

3. Assuming that scientific evidence regarding climate change is accurate and therefore we need to begin whittling away at the problem as soon as possible, do you think that we can use the concept of sustainable development to achieve it? Explain and give reasons.
In answering the above questions, please feel free to draw from all the readings, documentaries, and lectures

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