emergency plan

The assignment is to write an Emergency Preparedness Plan for the hypothetical community of Hazardville or Collegeville(adapted from an EMO exercise).

I am providing various documents to help you with this exercise:

(1) A description of the Towns

(2) Two files outline the basic ingredients of a plan, and its structure – these were taken from Principles of Emergency Planning and Management by David Alexander.

(3) A number of plans from various communities are provided as plan examples.

The context for this is the Province of Ontario. Assume that Hazardville is located in the southwest part of the province north of Lake Erie.

Unlike any other assignment in this course, in this case it makes sense to use a template and to use some “cut and paste” where appropriate. There is no point in reinventing the wheel. Though your plan has to be specific to Hazardville, it can be similar to other EM plans in structure.