Effective Reward Systems

Assignment: Effective Reward Systems

Post a cohesive and scholarly response based on this week’s content and your own research that addresses the following:

o Describe a time when you have seen one of the deadly flaws of carrots and sticks in action. What lessons can you learn from that experience? Describe instances when you have seen carrots and sticks used effectively. (attached with the order)
o Would incentives like FedEx days, 20 percent time, and ROWE work in your organization? Why or why not? What potential barriers would prevent you from implementing these types of ideas and how could you overcome these barriers?
o What is the greatest reward you have received from a job? Why does it stand out? Have you ever had an especially rewarding or unrewarding experience working on a team? Explain your answer. What could be an effective way to reward successful teams?

DO NOT Include an Introduction or conclusion; only discuss the steps listed above. Provide to APA references.