Economic Scrapbook

During the semester, your task is to choose articles from regularly published newspapers, magazines, or
other reputable sources on topics related to economics and then write a minimum of two paragraphs about
the article. The articles you choose must be relatively current and a copy of the article (or a web-link to
the article) should be included in your scrapbook, clearly stating its source and date of publication. At
least one paragraph pertaining to the article should provide a summary of the contents. Use your own
words to illustrate the main points and/or perspective of the article. (Do not simply restate the wording of
the article or use quotations from the article.) At least one paragraph should analyze the subject matter of
the article, discussing the economic importance, relevance, and/or likely consequences. Assigned topics: (1) Demand/Supply and prices
(2) Firms/Competition
(3) Economic proposals/policies of the government
(4) Unintended consequences of public policies
(5) – (7) THREE ADDITIONAL articles on topics of your choice

Please don’t use difficult words as i am an international students in community college, and please upload the source as a JPG format picture that i can print it out as scrapbook. Contact me immediately if you have confused on anything.