Economic development

Identify, define and discuss the differing models of economic development during the early 19th century. What was the impact of these differing models on the historical development of the law?
2. Discuss the development of the law during the 19th century American based upon the concept of a free market economy.
Define, compare, contrast and discuss the science of law and legal realism.
Discuss the development of the New Deal and the rise of the welfare state from the perspective of the doctrine of federalism and the doctrine of the separation of powers during the 20th century.
Identify, compare, contrast and discuss the 20th century tort jurisprudence and the pre-20th century tort jurisprudence.
Identify, compare, contrast and discuss 20th century jurisprudence and pre-20th century contract jurisprudence.
Discussing and identifying theses items with in the 6 answers
Models of Economic Development:
Development of Early Labor Law:
Competition and Labor Law:
Liberty and Labor:
Sherman Act:
Pullman Strike:
Industrial Strife
Workmen’s Compensation
Science of Law:
New Deal
Legal Realism
Beyond Legal Realism
Judicial Activism:
Judicial Restraint:
20th Century Contracts
20th Century Torts