Ecommerce Site Design Project

Please see the attached for the complete assignment detail.

Your company is in the travel business. Knowing that you are taking a course on digital commerce and e-business, you have been approached by your organization’s management to develop a plan for a new website. You are asked to complete a proposal that incorporates the following aspects of the project: Write a 6 to 8 pages in length paper (not including reference list or the copy of the franchise agreement) with APA-formatted citations. The paper must have the following outline:

• Planning and System Analysis
• System Design
• System Construction
• Testing
• Implementation
• Marketing Plan
• Prototype Design

Note to write: I have already built the website. I built is with wordpress.
The website is at:

Please note that the website is live and usable so any purchases made on there will be an actual purchase. There are a few cosmetics to be done on there but for the purpose of this assignment I am leaving it like this.
For a better understanding of the design I used this youtube tutorial to build it.

Please see the attached for the complete assignment detail.