Durkheim is dead

Book Review: Durkheim is Dead: Sherlock Holmes Is Introduced to Sociological Theory. This review is your final paper for the course.
The review should be a full 5 pages in length. The guidelines for writing assignments apply here as well; try to bring the review to life; do not merely summarize, but also add critique; do not focus too much on your personal likes and dislikes, but rather on evaluating the author’s strengths and weaknesses and the main points of the book. Be certain that you use the sociological lens for your analysis, not solely relying on personal opinion. Also, these reviews should be more formal and academic in style and tone than your homework assignments, which can be fairly casual. Grammar, spelling, and word choice will be taken into account in calculating your grade. Perhaps most important of all is the reminder to use your own words and ideas. There are published reviews of this book, so it would not be difficult to find others’ thoughts, impressions, or reviews. If you can find them, so can I.  Resist the temptation to copy and DON’T DO IT!!!! I guarantee you that you will regret it if you succumb.

Style Sheet for Writing Assignments
– Put name, date, course name, time of course, and number of assignment at the top, left hand side of the paper– all this information should be single spaced – this may be followed by a title line.
– The body of the essay should begin one line below the course information, or the title if you have one.
– The body of the essay should be double-spaced, 12 point font, Times New Roman.
– Spaces between paragraphs should also be double-spaced, consistent with spaces between lines (not quadruple spaced) – and there should not be a large gap at the top, bottom, or anywhere else on the page.
– Margins should be one inch.
– Phrasing should be clear, concise, and to the point – simple is usually best. Written work should differ in tone and style, however, from spoken communication. While it does not need to be extremely formal, at the same time, it should not be too conversational or casual.
– Avoid repeating yourself in the essay if possible.
– Spelling and grammar should be checked and checked again – by you or someone you trust to do a good proofreading job. Do NOT rely on Spell-check to be your proofreader – Spell-check will consider words spelled correctly as long as they are actual words – this does not ensure that it is the word you meant to choose, or that is the most appropriate word.
– Organization is also very important in essays, even short ones. Make sure your paper has a beginning, middle, and an end, and that the concepts flow in a logical and easy to follow format.
– If the assignment calls for two pages, please give me two FULL pages.
– If the assignment asks you to draw on readings/discussions from the course, be sure to weave those into your essay in relevant ways. As this is a sociology course, ALWAYS incorporate sociological concepts and analysis where appropriate in your writing.
– For most assignments it is appropriate to draw on your own experiences and/or current events to flesh out the discussion/analysis. Just remember, it is also important to draw on the author’s points, not simply your views.
– When you use direct quotes in papers, you must cite page numbers. Even if you are not quoting directly, citing others’ work in your paper needs internal citations!