Drama Exam

•Choose four (4) of the following ten (10) questions to respond to from Othello.
•Identify the play, the characters, and the aspects of the questions that you are answering in your responses.
•You should use from the film viewing, and remember to choose only four of the following 10 questions!
*To answer each question you need quotes from the text Othello (Use "Literature A Portable Anthorlogy Third Edtion" by Gardner, Lawn, Ridl, schakel)
*After quotes, you need to add the page numbers.

1.Discuss the reasons for Iago’s actions. How far ahead does he plan and how much harm did he intend?
2.Discuss various characters in the play as outsiders.
3.Does Desdemona bear any of the responsibility for the tragedy? Why or why not?
4.Does Othello fall as the result of a tragic flaw? Why or why not?
5.Should Othello be played by a black or white actor? Does it matter?
6.Discuss film adaptations of Shakespeare. Can they compete with stage versions? Are stage versions closer to the Shakespearean original? (Use our version compared to any play experience you have had.)
7.Discuss Othello as villain and hero, paying special attention to his final speech.
8.Is Othello a noble moor or a dangerous savage? (You might want to give examples from the film version we watched to support your point of view.)
9.Discuss prejudice in Othello. What points do you think Shakespeare was attempting to make?
10.Why does Othello marry Desdemona? Why does she marry him? Was the destruction of the marriage inevitable or was Iago’s malice necessary?