Answer the following question in your own opinion:

1.    Assume that you are working as a journalist and are given an assignment or a beat for which you have no interest. What might you do to ensure that your coverage would be complete?

2.    According to Tim Harrower, “Journalists often find it difficult to distinguish between news and features. News stories usually focus on events that are pressing and public: government, crime, disasters. Feature stories often focus on issues that are less urgent, more personal: trends, relationships, entertainment.”

How do news stories and features differ in style and structure? Why are different styles and structures important?

3.    Journalists today are often accused of sensationalizing the news, rather than sticking to the facts. Are there appropriate ways for journalists to inject their opinions into news? If yes, what are they? If no, why not?

Cite at least one separate citations to support your answer on any of the questions (one of the questions doesn’t need one).