Discuss the evidence for the effectiveness of scapular control exercises in the rehabilitation of shoulder subacromial impingement

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this assignment is for a master degree student.

the review should divided into three parts:
the first part: Introduction: i want it to be written about in 500 words. 250 words for subacromial impingement. the rest ( 250 words ) to be written about scapula, normal and abnormal scapular movements.

the second part is the discussion. i want it be written in 3 sections. the overall words for this section is 1200 words

the first section is about the effect of scapular exercises on pain and function.

the second section: about the effect of scapular exercises on the scapular muscles activation, muscle activation onset timing and muscle strength.

the third section : about the effect of scapular exercises on the scapular movements and shoulder (glenohumeral) range of motion.

the final part is the conclusion. i want it to be written in 300 words
the findings of these references must be used in the discussion part:

1. Worsley P, Warner M, Mottram S, Gadola S, Veeger H, Hermens H et al. Motor control retraining exercises for shoulder impingement: effects on function, muscle activation, and biomechanics in young adults. Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery. 2013;22(4):e11-e19.

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20 references must be included in my assignment. I have provided 8 references only. the rest of the references i want the writer to find them. all of them should be from journals.