Discrimination of children with Autism

My Research Paper is on- Discrimination of children with Autism.
Some of the course readings that we did throughout the semester will be attach on the files so u can talk about it.

More appropriately termed a “final reflection,” the final exam is an opportunity for you to evaluate your progress as a writer throughout the semester. You should write a narrative about your experience in the course, focusing on your experience completing the assignments. Very simply, you might talk about writing the first essay, writing the second essay, and writing the research paper. You should explain what you feel you did well, what you feel you might have done better, and how you see yourself growing as a writer after this course and/or how you may use the writing skills you’ve developed in this course in future courses or the work force. In some part of your narrative, please discuss your engagement with the course readings: Which readings did you find most interesting? How did the readings lead you toward the research topic for your final paper (or did they)?

This is a semi-formal assignment; your final response should be 1-2 pages in length. While your response should be focused and well-developed, it not take the form of an essay. You may format it as a memo or letter if you so choose, or simply as a series of paragraphs focusing on different elements of the course. The final exam is worth 5% of your final grade.