Directions from professor are copied and pasted in the instructions.

You will select a company and read its franchise agreement ( is one place to look.)
Go the Discussion Board and post your answers to ten questions listed below about the agreement and conclude with a 200 word summary of the business opportunity presented by the agreement and your specific impressions thereof.
No Replies are required for this assignment – you may comment and engage your classmates as desired.


1. Visit the website Free Franchise Docs at
2. Click on the link BY INDUSTRY, and select a company in which you have an interest.
3. The companies you select are on a “first come, first served” basis so before you start writing, go to the WEEK 10 DISCUSSION BOARD FORUM – FRANCHISE AGREEMENTS and make sure no one else has already selected the company and created a thread for that company. If you duplicated a company that has already been claimed, you will receive zero credit for your work. Bb time and date stamp will control. Be careful, this is the tricky part of the “following directions” component of this class.
4.Open the agreement by selecting Download PDF to get a complete copy of the franchise agreement. It is usually a sublink (second link in) after you click on the business name.
5. Write your paper following the format and details set forth below; publish by the deadline.

Assignment Notes, Criteria and Format

I highly recommend that you complete all the OTHER READINGS and LESSONS before you begin this assignment.
College-level grammar, spelling and punctuation required – This is required for every assignment and will be more strictly enforced as we move on through the class. Take pride in the quality of your work people!!!
Repeat and include numbered questions followed by answers- If you do not repeat the question, you will NOT receive credit for that item.
Line Spacing: Double space between Q & A and numbered items – Single space text of responses
You will lose points for failing to follow the instructions

Copy and paste the listed questions below into your DB post – YOU MUST INCLUDE THE NUMBERED QUESTIONS with each question followed by your detailed response. Responses such as “Yes” “No” or “$250,000.00” will earn you zero points. Be thorough, be concise and use complete sentences. Grammar, punctuation and spelling, as always, will impact your grade.



Name of Company:

Type of Business: (example: fast food restaurant, computer repair business, etc.)

Location of franchisor’s principal place of business – corporate headquarters: (example: Los Angeles, California OR London, England, etc.)

1. COSTS: What is the cost of the initial franchise fee paid to the franchisor? Are there any other costs, e.g., purchase of specific equipment, furniture, supplies, etc.?

2. ROYALTIES/LICENSING FEES: What is the amount of royalties paid per week to the franchisor and how is it calculated?

3. LENGTH OF AGREEMENT: How many years does the agreement last?

4. TERRITORY: Does the franchisee enjoy any protections against new franchises opening up within a certain geographical area, for example, across the street?

5. TRAINING: Briefly describe the training given to a new franchisee. Is it mandatory or optional?

6. SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT: Briefly describe what are the limitations on the franchisee with regard to where it buys its supplies, equipment and materials used in the operation of the franchise?

7. ADVERTISING AND MARKETING: Briefly explain who bares the costs of advertising, marketing and promotion of the franchise?

8. RESTRAINT OF TRADE: Are there any post-termination non-competition provisions in the agreement. If so, briefly describe it.

9. LIKE: What do you like about this agreement.

10. DISLIKE: What do you NOT like about this agreement?

SUMMARY: Short 200 word essay required for your summary; one or two sentences will not cut it. If you ask me why I did not give you full credit, I will cut and paste this red comment and put it in my reply email.
If you had the financial resources, would you buy a franchise in this company? Does it seem like a viable business opportunity based upon your research? What do you notice about franchise agreements in general? Do you know someone who owns a franchise now? Explain your answer by referring to parts of the agreement and, where possible, other credible, cited, sources upon which you base your decision and opinion.