DI Diversity Interview

HDL670 Diversity Interview


My name:

My approved diversity research topic (and diverse group) is:


Part I.  Review of related literature

[In this part, please introduce a historical overview of research related to your approved diversity research topic and major findings (and/ or major ideas/ themes) using the information from at least four relevant articles that you have found. (Please write this part in narrative format.)]



Part II. The person you interviewed

[Please do NOT include the name of your interviewee in your assignment (You can use a pseudonym for the person you interviewed). You shall report gender, approximate age, home culture, and relations to you, etc. In this part, you need give us a brief description of the individual you interviewed while keeping his or her identity confidential unless your interviewee gave you written permission.]



Part III. Setting

[Describe in detail the time, location, and environment in which the interview occurred. Please be specific.]



Part IV. Transcript of my interview

I have the permission from my interviewee to record the interview. The following is an exact transcript of the interview recording.

Interviewer: May I have your permission to record our interview?

Interviewee: Yes, it is fine with me.

Interviewer: ….



Part V. Discussion

[Please summarize the major findings from your interview (Part IV). Please discuss how your findings are supported or not supported by information in the four related research articles. Please reflect on what you learned about yourself and the other culture from this experience. Please discuss how you will apply what you have learned from this experience.]



Part VI. References

[Please list the four research articles in APA style.]


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