Developing subject knowledge for teaching

In this task you are expected to demonstrate course outcomes KU1, KS2 and KS3.

An important part of preparing to teach is ensuring that your own subject knowledge is secure and that you can make those ideas accessible to the pupils you are teaching.

From the list below (FORCES), choose a topic that is outside your preferred specialism and with which you are least familiar. Construct a concept map
The construction of a concept map is explained in Module 2E.
to summarise the key ideas at KS3 and KS4. Use a different colour for KS4 concepts to show how KS3 progresses to KS4.
Using the course reader, Making Sense of Science (Driver et al.), produce a table summarising the misconceptions that children have been shown to hold in this area; how you might address these misconceptions and support pupils in changing their ideas; and examples of activities that you could use. (300 words)

Word limit: 300 words

This task links to School Experience activities 15 and 16.

Tutors are asked to comment on:

progress with the development of subject knowledge against previously set targets
the strategies that have been used to develop subject knowledge
the nature of the evidence provided
the concept map for the topic chosen and the progression from KS3 to KS4
the analysis of the misconceptions that children have been shown to have in this area and the suggestions about how these may be addressed
the written English, which should be clear, coherent, grammatically accurate and appropriate for a professional submission.