Describe what you consider crucial factors a researcher must consider in choosing a research design.

Select one research design and elaborate on why the choosen research design is significant (descriptive, correlational, semi-experimental, review, meta-analytic, descriptive-longitudinal case study, ethnographic, grounded theory, etc).

  • Use an example to describe how this research design can be applied to a possible nursing research topic of interest
  • For example, nurses working in acute care settings are more likely to become certified than nurses working on a medical/surgical general unit. This example is a cross sectional quantitative research design. Other topics to consider – easy health care access, social media and health care, eating disorders, global warming and health care, etc.
  • You can select any desired topic to apply to this research design.
  • You do not need to be that specific, but significant enough in your discussion to support your selected research design.

Support your statements with at least two peer-reviewed articles.