Defining Success

four essays—written by Mantsios, Ehrenreich, Murray, and Davidson—that talk about how the myth of equal opportunity has changed in the United States.  Beneath their apparent topics, however—if one really analyzes their essays—are four different definitions of success.

Essay Assignment

Write an essay, four to five pages long, which accomplishes the following four tasks.  (You do not need to follow a particular order or structure—just make certain that the essay accomplishes these four things.)

1.    Write a definition of how American society looks at the idea success by employing the four ways of defining words described above.

2.    Next, take the essays assigned from Rereading America, and, using evidence from the essays you choose, explain to your reader how TWO of the following authors, Mantsios, Ehrenreich, Murray, or Davidson, defines success.

3.    Juxtapose your idea of success with each writer’s idea of success; that is, cite and comment on the most important one or two differences between each author’s ideas and your own ideas about success, and comment on why this difference (or differences) is (are) important.

4.    Tell us what you think success is. Be specific, and develop your definition with examples. Avoid generalities in your definition.  Explain why you have embraced this definition of success