Decision Support System

Good Morning. Here are the instructions:

You are required to find, read, and perform a critical review of a published paper on decision support. The most common type of paper chosen is an application paper describing a decision support system that was implemented and fielded. Good sources for such papers is the journal Interfaces, which is published by the INFORMS society. You are not limited to this type of paper. Your paper maybe more theoretical in orientation, however, you may not choose a paper that is purely methodological or purely software or systems engineering, without special permission from the instructor and a prior agreement on how you are going to relate your paper review to the course.

If you choose an application oriented paper, your review should cover the following:

What were the problems and/or decisions for which support was needed?
Describe as best you can the DSS development process, with special attention to requirements definition and stakeholder involvement in the process.
Describe the data, analytical methods/models and expected user interactions associated with the system. To the extent appropriate for the problem, describe alternative solutions and how they compare with the approach taken.
Describe how the system was evaluated and the results of evaluation.

Although it is term paper, but make some points and steps in list so I can use it later for the PowerPoint please. We do not have to make up a new thing. We have to choose something already done like Decision Support System they used in hospital, trains, or airport.

Thank you