Dealing with Difficult Group Members

Dealing with Difficult Group Members
This week we will look at challenges that group leaders might face. As we have seen in our readings, we can never be completely prepared for what happens in group-groups change and members change, and each member brings a host of views and behaviors!

I usually try to avoid conflict at all cost, in my personal life and in counseling sessions. My parents never fought in front of us when I was growing up, which is probably why I’m so uncomfortable with conflict. Others on the other hand lived with conflict as part of their daily life, and either shy away from it or thrive on conflict!

I am learning though that conflict is sometimes necessary and can actually be beneficial to relationships and in group processes. How do you think conflict can be beneficial? How would you handle a conflictive group member who seems to enjoy stirring up trouble? What have you learned from the Corey video about dealing with conflict?

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