currents and voltages in balanced three-phase system

I. Introduction 10pts

Discuss relevant background material for the experiment, and what the objectives are. What concepts and theories are we testing? What applications do these concepts have for engineering? Why do we need to learn these things (objectives). What is the background material behind the theories? Was any other relevant theory used?

II. Procedure 20pts

What steps were taken in the laboratory to carry out the experiment? Try and be detailed, show me that you understand what is going on. Use equations, figures, and schematics where you feel pertinent. You need to discuss the ‘how’ of carrying out these steps in more detail.

III. Results 40pts

Present all relevant tables, figures, equations, graphs, and schematics that define the outcome of the experiment. You need to briefly describe and analyze the results in sentences.

IV. Discussion 30pts

Based upon the introduction (background, objectives), and results (outcome), describe what happened to create an understanding about the experiment. There needs to be a summation of what happened in lab. Did the results turn out as expected? Why or Why not? Do the results and outcomes prove the concepts and theories in questions? What difficulties did you encounter during the experiment? How did you overcome them? Can you attempt to explain the discrepancies (human error is a given, let’s move past it now and find real results)? Did you accomplish the set objectives? These reports are aimed to 1) help you understand and remember what was applied/learned in lab/class, and 2) develop your professional writing abilities (no slang).