cultural reductionism

A1 Description: Essay question

Questions 2: Discuss the effects of ‘cultural reductionism’ in media representations of ethnic minority youth and crime.

It must be:

1500 words exactly no more or less

You must acknowledge the ideas of others, reference direct quotes properly using the Harvard referencing system and include a reference list at the end (not included in the word count).
Viewpoints need to be substantiated using relevant literature, empirical evidence, and convincing argumentation.
The task must be word­-processed, doubled spaced and use a 12pt font.

The following sections should be included in your essay:

Introduction: Orients the reader to the topic, previewing the stages of the essay, and, clarifying the writer’s position.

Body Paragraphs: The body consists of a logically sequenced series of paragraphs that develops the essay topic. Each paragraph should express one key idea that relates to your analysis. Begin the paragraph by introducing this key idea and then explain and elaborate on the idea using relevant literature and research. Try to use sentences that connect each paragraph to one another by linking ideas and lines of argument.

Conclusion: Restates the major argument developed in the essay. Briefly summarise major points and implications.