Critically assess the theory that a meaningful live is a life which adds value to the world.

• This is 1500 words argumentative essay and should be written in thoughtful engagement between film and philosophy. (Have a look at the book in the following link first as it will contain the answers for the essay question and use it as one of sources for the essay).
• The essay references should include peer-reviewed articles and books.
• Avoid vague and weak arguments and space fillers.
• Arguments should be explained in clear details and supported by source.
• The Essay structure should be like the following:
1. An introduction (around 150 – 200 words) + a clear thesis statement shows the content and arguments of the paper (for example, this essay will argue….)
2. The first body paragraph should critically assess the theory that a meaningful live is a life, which adds value to the world. (Around 400 words into two paragraphs). What is the theory? how is a meaningful live is a life, which adds value to the world?
3. The second body paragraph should use the movie Groundhog Day in your assessment and critically assess the theory that a meaningful live is a life, which adds value to the world. (Around 800 words into three paragraphs). Groundhog Day runs an extraordinary thought experiment. How does one construct a meaningful life if every day is pretty much a repetition of every other day? What is meaning? How is it related to happiness? What does death and mortality have to do with it?
4. Conclusion (150 – 200 words)

Feedback from the previous submission:
• When making a point in one of your body paragraphs, one of the most common mistakes is to not offer enough details. A paragraph without many details will seem vague and sketchy. A paper is always strengthened when your claims are as specific as possible, the more detailed evidence you offer, the more reference points your reader will have. Remember that you are communicating your argument to a reader who has only your description to go by. Someone who reads your essay will not automatically know what you mean to express, so you have to supply details, to show the reader what you meant, not just tell him or her.
• A well-written paper will include strong support for its thesis. Support for your thesis should come from primary and secondary sources. To use support effectively, you must elaborate upon the information, quotations, and examples taken from your sources and connect them to your thesis. It is also important to remember to cite the sources of the evidence and support you use in your paper.

//Please read and use the following book first for this essay: Thinking Through Film: Doing Philosophy, Watching Movies by Damian Cox and Michael Levine