Criminal Justice

Unit VII Blog
Adult vs. Juvenile Court
Create a blog. Imagine you are a detective in a criminal trial. You are to locate and research a juvenile case involving a homicide. Summarize the case.
 What issues arose surrounding the case in terms of adjudicating the suspect in juvenile or adult court?
 How, if found guilty, was the juvenile sentenced?
 Do you believe that the sentence was adequate? Excessive?
 What are the ages of the juveniles?
 What relation did the victims have to the juveniles?
 Was this gang activity?
 How much crime is currently in this area and environment?
 How can management of policing change the outcome of this case?
 Did police use proper search and seizure laws during the investigation?
 What was the court process like for these defendants?
Support your position. If you were called to testify, what would you state? Explain in your blog in depth.