Crime statistics media and crime

1) We have a strange situation in Australia. At a time when people seem to be more worried by crime, the research evidence suggests crime rates are not increasing. How can we explain this apparent contradiction?

* A good starting point for this essay would be Chapter 1 of the textbook and additional reading 2.2 (Davis and Dossetor). However you MUST also access 5 additional journal articles to support your argument.
* Briefly describe studies which have examined public perceptions of crime e.g. fear of crime, perceptions of increasing crime rates
* Briefly describe research evidence which outlines actual crime statistics
* You then need to provide comparisons between examples of public perceptions of crime and crime statistics.
* Consider the way in which factors might influence people’s perceptions of crime. One example you might consider could be the role of the media. Consider discussing some of the ‘myths’ from the textbook chapter.
* You need to produce a persuasive explanation of the mismatch between public perceptions and crime statistics.
CCJ113 Introduction to Criminology and Criminal Justice –
Structure & Argument
• Introduction synthesises relevant literature, summarises the problem and the argument
• Essay directly addresses the question
• Breaks question into parts and responds to each
• Follows a set plan
• Mounts a coherent and logical argument
• Does not just rely on description
• Integrates information from various sources
• Supports argument with refs/evidence
• Conclusion summarises issues & argument
/12 marks
• Explains/defines all relevant key terms, theory and concepts
• Provides concise overview of the topic
• Refers to sufficient range of key references and sources (at least 5 journal articles) to show understanding of topic
• Draws explicit links with key literature
• Uses relevant examples
/12 marks
• Provides in-text referencing for all arguments, assertions & evidence
• Appropriately paraphrases source material
• Provides a complete list of references
• Uses correct APA style
/8 marks
• Clear and readable in formatting and presentation
• Clear and readable in terms of written expression, including adequate spelling, grammar, proper use of sentences and paragraphs, and academic style
• Conforms with word length requirements
/8 marks