Course work

  1. NOTE: You can access the book through a 7 day trial on amazon. Here is the book so that you can look at the
  2. Greene, Stuart, and April Lidinsky. From Inquiry to Academic Writing: A Practical Guide. Ed. Stephen A. Scipione. 3rd ed. Boston: Bedford/ St Martin’s, 2015. Print. ISBN: 978-1-4576-6169-3


In Chapter 3, you read about identifying claims and analyzing arguments.  For this assignment, you will read two short arguments in your textbook: “Grade Inflation Gone Wild” by Stuart Rojstaczer (74-76) and “”Doesn’t Anybody Get a C Anymore?” by Phil Primack (76-78).  Drawing on the lessons from chapter 3 regarding analyzing claims to chapter 8 regarding appeals to ethos, and finally, the lesson on integrating quotes in your writing, I would like for you to answer the following questions in a 1-2 page response.  Please make sure it is typed, in MLA format, and submitted as an attached Word document. 


  1. Briefly, summarize the main claims made by both authors and what kind of evidence they both use to address the issue of grade inflation.  
  2. Which argument are you persuaded by the most?  Which author conveys the best knowledge and understanding of the issue (appeals to ethos-chapter 8) and why?
  3. Finally, in your opinion, is grade inflation a problem at the university or college that you attend and should students be concerned with it?  What’s at stake for students and faculty? (78).  
  4. Include at least one direct quotefromeach author and use parenthetical citations in the form of page numbers.

  5. Include the works cited entry for both authors.  Now, the citation for these articles is a bit tricky as it would be cited as several collections or articles from the same anthology.  According to the MLA manual which I have posted as part of your reading, please do the following:
  6. Begin with the citation for the entire anthology (page 17; item #18)

Last name, First Name (1st author), and First name Last Name (second author). Title of the

Anthology/textbook, Name of the publisher, year of publication.

  1. Since there are two articles you are reading, provide a shortened entry for each selection (page 17; item #19)


Last Name, First Name. “Title of the article.” Last name of the first author listed under the anthology entry, pp.


(page numbers).


  1. Alphabetize the three entries by authors’ last names.


  1. See the example on the top of page 18. 


You will be graded based on the following criteria:

Ability to summarize effectively and concisely and bring in the claims and type of evidence used by each author

Ability to integrate quotes effectively using proper signal phrases and parenthetical citations

Ability to identify sound arguments and identify appeals to ethos