Country Development Profile—Thailand

Country Development Profile—Thailand

I have chose Thailand as my project country,so do your research on Thailand’s country information!

Structure of the paper:
1. A snapshot (2 points): a snapshot description of the country’s level of development and background information (i.e. geographic, demographic,economic, and institutional features).

2. International Comparison (2 points): Compare the country’s macroeconomic performance (GDP growth, per capita income, inflation, HDI, etc.) with the
average levels of the income group to which the country belongs (from 1990 to as close to the present as possible)

3. Structural Changes (2 points): Identify important structural changes of this economy over this period, such as the share of investment, national savings, exports in GDP, current account balances, shares of manufacturing and service sectors, urbanization rates, and dependency ratios.

4. Inequality and poverty (2 points): Review the changes in the country’s income inequality and poverty over time.

5. MDG achievements (2 points): Evaluate the country’s achievements in meeting the Millennium Development Goals.

6. Opportunities and Challenges (Optional, 2 bonus points): Comment on the opportunities and challenges the country faces on its path of future development.

Format of the paper: The main text should be printed with 12 point font, 1.5 line spaced, with a total length of no more than 20 (letter-sized) pages including tables,graphs, and references. On your cover page, print topic title, your name, and student number. The APA documentation style should be followed.