Controversy in news

Assignment: Choose a major scandal or controversy, a specific event that made the news and was covered by multiple media sources. You will examine how the scandal/controversy was presented to the public by the media, the public’s reaction to the scandal, and any aftermath of the scandal/controversy (especially any impact this historical event had on society).
Research Requirements: The paper will include a minimum of 8 quotations or cited paraphrases from 8 DIFFERENT sources. Therefore, the Works Cited page will have a minimum of 8 sources. (There should be no more than 10 sources or citations for this paper.)

The following THREE types of sources must be referenced:

Source 1: A major newspaper article from the day/first couple of weeks after the story hit the news.

Source 2: An EDITORIAL response to the event whether it is from a journalist, an informed source (interview), or a reader responding (editorial page in a newspaper periodical) to an article in a periodical (if it is reader response, make sure you have the article the person is referring to).

Source 3: In addition to the breaking newspaper article and/or editorial, there must be at least one other article retrieved from an ONLINE periodical database–this is different than an Internet Web site source.

The remaining five sources are your choice. Web sites must be approved based on the criteria outlined in Credible Sources.