Contemporary Memes & Mashups

For Number (1) I want to 350 words. and my topic about Contemporary Memes & Mashups and education
1) Begin your essay by talking about the rise of Participatory Culture to someone new to this area of study. Before delving into the memes/mashups that you’ll be focusing on, introduce some examples of Participatory Culture from Henry Jenkins, Ben Huh, and Michael Strangelove. What quotes do you find compelling? Use this introduction to prepare people for the overall content that you will develop using WEEBLY.COM or WIX.COM

2) a) SELECT AT LEAST FOUR Memes/Mashups that are similar (but distinct) for you group them. Compare and contrast these examples with Kavoori’s work. Include images and links both to these four examples and Kavoori’s discussion in Weebly or Wix.

b) Beneath the images you’ve selected, extract comments from YouTube or Reddit users. USE DIRECT QUOTES FROM SOURCES LIKE “KNOW YOUR MEME” AND USERS LIKE “HAIRBAND89.” Try to offer your own commentary on the cultural values being expressed.

This is the link for example for number (2)!careermemes/ccx9

3) In the second-half of the project, GATHER AT LEAST FOUR Memes/Mashups THAT EXPRESS AN ATTITUDE TOWARDS A PARTICULAR CAREER PATH. Provide a commentary on each example and then generate your own.

a) Group four examples from outside sources and comment comedy (and criticism) of each. What do these mashups/memes reveal about the beliefs and fears associated with the career? Organize them so that you lead up to your “most revealing” example.

b) Next, choose from the participatory platforms below to say something humorous (or critical) about a career path you’re studying. Don’t be afraid to be in/appropriate.
Meme Generator:
Plotagon Video: