comunnicable disease

This week we are going to back track to week 3 and we are going to study “communicable disease”. As you know communicable disease is defined as the disease that is transmitted to one person to another and from animals to human. Communicable disease is one of the areas study by epidemilogy.

Go to your class text book and read chapter 19 and 20 and review the attached Power Point presentations.

Once completed answer the following questions:

1. What is the current communicable/infectious disease threat in your community and in United States?

2. What are the resons for the emergence of new disease and the reemergence of disese previously under control?

3. What are the factors that make up the chain of infections?

4. Mention the differents types of inmmunity and explain. give examples

As always please follow proper APA guidelines using arial font 12 and at least 2 evidence-based references no more than 5 years old. Make sure the references are from scholarly sources such as book or magazines. Please make sure you responses are well elaborated and sustain by the references.