Compering between Australia and Saudi Arabia in education

Essay Writing Process – Stage 3 – 10%

You are required to submit a complete essay as close as possible to the word limit (1200).

Therefore, you should include the following:

• Introduction with a background to the topic, a clear thesis statement and essay map to guide the reader

• Body paragraphs with clear topic sentences, use of supporting sentences and evidence from outside sources. Remember that each paragraph should have unity (one main idea) and coherence (link ideas together smoothly). You can achieve this by repeating key nouns (main ideas), using consistent pronouns (we, he/she, they), transition signals and logical order to guide the reader (Refer to Oshima & Hogue, Chapter 2)

• Conclusion which sums up the main ideas and restates the thesis statement (use different words or phrases)

• Careful use of evidence to support your main ideas. This could be in the form of a
o paraphrase (in your own words and writing style)
o summary (in your own words, but only include the main idea of a chapter, journal article, paragraph, page, etc.)
o short direct quotation (use quotation marks within the sentence)
o long direct quotation (separate this from the rest of the essay, indent it and write it in a smaller font size. Remember no quotation marks are necessary here)

• Don’t forget to include in-text citations, and a reference list at the end of the essay for all uses of evidence stated above.

• Use a variety of sentence structures: simple, compound, complex and compound-complex (be careful with punctuation).

• Use reporting verbs, such as ‘imply, state, claim, argue, explain, suggest’ to introduce evidence. Remember that you can use these verbs to help show your argument more clearly.

• Use academic language