1. Select three structures from the list provided in the outside links. For example, if you select the Bank Of China, conduct some research on the architect, his philosophy in designing buildings, etc. You are NOT being asked for a research paper on the architect. However, you ARE being asked to understand the person who created the building. if it is an ancient monument, you will need to know something of the culture it originates in and the ideology of that culture. For example if you choose the Taj Mahal, please research which ruler created it and what he believed in.

2. Identify elements of architectural design in your structures Think about the layout (floorplan) of the structure. does it have a reason for being laid out in a certain direction? Are there any sacred geometries or forms that are used in its design? Identify the material and color choices, and why the architects or builders chose these. Are there elements of water or light used? To what purpose?

3. Now link those elements you observed to cultural values or ideas of the architect. If you write about the Bank of China being shaped with opposing vertical triangles please explain why the architect chose triangles and how they might relate to the idea behind the bank. You will do this for three structures and you can compare them to one another as well.

The heart of your essay must focus on applying some of the elements of architecture read about in your chapter to your structure and how the these elements relate to the ideas behind the building. All great architecture tells a story about the people who built them. What story or ideaology is being told or presented through the materials and forms? MLA format required.

Here are the three structures and cooresponding outside links
Crystal Palace
Bank of China
Great Pyramid of Giza