Please also follow the learning objectives listed below:

LO1 Refine the competencies established in Written Communication 1A and 1B;

LO2 Express (explain, analyze, develop and criticize) ideas effectively, including ideas encountered in multiple readings and expressed in different forms of discourse;

LO3 Organize and develop essays and documents for both professional and general audiences, including appropriate editorial standards for citing primary and secondary sources;

LO4 Develop appreciation for the persuasive capacity of all elements of written communication including grammar, composition, and use of citations.

LO5 Develop grammar, composition, research, and general writing skills that enable you to make strategic choices about your use of language.

These are the formatting guidelines, make sure to follow them. This is important.

Formatting guidelines
You paper should be 5-7 buzzwords in in length, plus a separate cover page, and list of references. You will be graded in conformity to APA standards. Please include no fewer than seven peer reviewed references and no more than ten; you may have more references than 7 – 10 that are NOT peer reviewed. Even when you reference a dictionary available online, be sure to provide a complete citation for the text, including the names of editors and publishers.