Analysis & Application Homework #1 (50 Pts)Name:_______________________

Finding and Understanding Comm. ResearchClass Day & Hour:____________________

This assignment must be typewritten

This assignment is designed to get you familiar with research in interpersonal communication.Through the SBCC library’s Communication and Mass Media Complete database, use search term phrases to help you find an article that relates specifically to you and your life. Insert your topic in the search bar (for example: conflict, self-perception, stages of relationship development or deterioration, perception, etc.) and then search each combination as subject terms:

________ AND interpersonal AND relationships

________AND relationships

________AND communication

________And interpersonal

Make sure the article you find is from a journal found in the Communication and Mass Media Complete data base.Do NOT search the general EBSCO database. A list of acceptable journals is also included in Chapter 11 of your text

Make sure your article is full text, not just an abstract. Read the article, focusing on the Introduction and Discussion sections, then answer the questions below in order to demonstrate your understanding of the research findings.

1.List your journal reference in APA Style (following the APA forma listed in Ch. 11)

2.Quote the researcher(s) hypotheses and/or research questions, as stated in the first section of the article (don’t forget to use quotation marks any time you quote the author and cite the author’s last name, publication year and page number after the quote..If there are no hypotheses or research questions clearly listed, you are not looking at a study.Find another article.

3.Explain the hypotheses and/or research questions in your OWN words.

4.Describe the results/findings of the study in your OWN words. (Results are normally located in the Discussion section of the article – near the end.)

5. Apply the information from this article to a real interpersonal relationship in your life. The more specific and direct the connection between your real world experience and the topic of the article, the better.

When completed, save and upload your work into the submission window below.