College Letter of Interest


below are the necessary requirements as well as some personal information needed for the letter of interest in my college and the program of choice.

College of choice: Georgian College. Barrie, Canada
Program of choice: Research analyst

The following is a copy of a letter from the course coordinator:

“The letter of interest is so that you can tell us more about yourself and why you are applying, along with passing on other information that would help us to review your application to the Research Analyst Program.

The letter is to provide some further information about you and your interests
1. What is the basis for your interest in research analysis?
2. What personal assets and strengths do you bring to the program and ultimately to the research industry?
3. Describe an occasion in your life or work experience in which you were involved in research activities.”

My background.

I’m originally from Moscow, Russia.

Have several diplomas:

1. undergraduate from the All Russian State University of Cinematology from the film art faculty specializing in film critics (years of studies 2001-2003)

2. Diploma from Academy of Labour and Social Relations in Finance, specializing in Banking (Years of studies 2003-2007, transferred to this university believing that this career path would be more fulfilling for and my deep interest in financial and banking systems)

3. Doctor of Philosophy in Academy of Labour and Social Relations specializing in Economic theory (thesis – Diversification and advancement of small and medium business in Russian Federation, theory and practice)


After my graduation I found myself working for one of the largest broadcasting networks in Russia – where I was employed as a Financial Planning and Analysis manager.

After my decision to move to Canada I have decided to continue my education here and chose the Research Analyst program due to my close connection to the media industry and interest in Research and statistics.

If you’d require any additional information or questions please feel free to contact me at your convenience.