civil rights.

Should the public decide if Islamic veil should be allowed in courtssence of the dispute.

make sure there is no american referencing, all law must be stated by the english legal system.
OSCOLA referencing must be followed.- IMPORTANT.

This dissertation seeks to get an understanding of civil rights and the english system concerning women wearing niqabs and vails in court whist giving evidence.
Searching ‘niqab’ and ‘veil’ .

The one which gave rise to the recent press publicity in this country is at items 8 & 12 on the list (Judge Murphy in Blackfriars Crown Ct – R. v D (R) Unreported September 16, 2013.

the Canadian case of NS [2012] SCC 72 (Sup Ct (Can)) is useful although obviously not English Law. There is an article on this case in the Modern Law Review – see Confronting religion: veiled witnesses, the right to a fair trial and the Supreme Court of Canada’s judgment in R. v NS. Karl Laird. M.L.R. 2014, 77(1), 123-138. –
please make sure that there is a clear dispute evident.