choose one from follow options,

1.Consider several criticisms of Utilitarianism made by Bernard Williams, Sterling Harwood, and others. Which are strongest, and how might utilitarian theory be defended against them? Develop your own position.

2.Which is the most successful attempt to base morality on rules and duties – Hosper’s Rule Utilitarianism, Kant’s Deontology, or Ross’ Deonology? Or are there problems with all rule-based or duty-based moral systems?

3.Argue for your own solution to the Trolley Problem and apply it to all the variations on it discussed by Judith Jarvis Thompson.

4.Develop and defend your own version of Virtue Ethics based on Aristotle, Mayo, Frankena, MacIntye, Nietzsche or other authors.

5.Evaluate the criticisms of morality made by Nietzsche or other authors in Unit 8.

6.Write on a topic of your own choosing. Your essay must engage with course material, it should be argumentative and defend a thesis, and you are welcome to discuss your topic with me.