child abuse

view the video found on this link-

According to this video, there are a billion new victims of child abuse every year. Child abuse of this nature is extreme and considered to be related to a form of attachment disorder: Reactive Attachment Disorder . This disorder is said to contribute to development of antisocial personality, developmentally causing inappropriate ways of relating socially in most contexts, and even to violent criminals.

1.Considering the age of the little girl in the documentary as well as the age when exposed to the abuse traumas, describe the impact on the child.

2.Briefly interpret the Reactive Attachment Disorder, and why you believe this diagnosis might be appropriate in this child’s case.

3.Utilizing article #1, summarize the findings regarding indirect “witnessing” versus direct maltreatment, and whether the findings show any potential for violent behaviors of their own.

4.Utilizing article #2, in a critical response, do you perceive that any of these psychosocial resources might have a m ediating or moderating affect on the child in the documentary in regard to psychological consequences?

5.Chapters 12 of the assigned textbook “Child Sexual Abuse & Adolescent Sexuality” as well as Chapter 5 from an alternate text discuss additional harm (other than psychological, behavioral, and neurobiological damage) to the sexually abused child. Please elaborate.

6.Include your appraisal of any personal reactions to the demeanor of this child before treatment and after.

7.To compare other survivors of this type of abuse, watch the 30 minute documentary:

answer 7 questions and include five attachments as references, including videos.