CFD analysis of air flow inside air-tight houses fitted with mechanical ventilation heat recovery (MVHR) systems

New and retrofitted residential buildings working towards zero-carbon housing standards have air tight interiors with mechanical ventilation and heating systems fitted. Based on the location of vents, it may be possible to observe pockets of air that are not refreshed sufficiently to maintain a good level of air quality within these buildings. This CFD study is aimed at identifying such poorly circulated areas and to identify ways to eliminate or minimise such pockets of ‘used’ or polluted air by repositioning the inlet and exhaust vents. Also, the effect of the heaters and their locations on circulation within the house will be studied. If the vents and heaters are positioned properly to complement each other, it may be possible to obtain better air changing to maintain a healthy living space.

Please use software:

ANSYS software
Auto CAD software.